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The Mans Decree Chapter 3562

Even though Jared possessed exceptional talent, the idea of him, a First Level Tribulator, defeating a Seventh Level Tribulator, was nothing short of a fairy tale.

After all, the gap between their cultivation levels was simply too vast.

Jared ran swiftly, while the Demonic Cultivator assumed that Jared was trying to escape.

“You indeed have some skills, brat. Even after being struck by me, you still have the strength to run away! However, no matter how much you try to escape, it will all be in vain!” The Demonic Cultivator let out a cold laugh and instantly pursued!

Jared executed Blazing Stride, flames billowing beneath his feet. Although he had not fully mastered it, his speed had indeed increased significantly.

“I never expected you, of all people, to play with fire. Well then, today let’s see who has the fiercer flame!” The Demonic Cultivator instantly hurled a fireball.

The fireball caught up with Jared at an extremely fast speed, then exploded right above his head.

A massive wave of flames engulfed Jared directly.

Seeing Jared engulfed in flames, the Demonic Cultivator burst into uproarious laughter.

“Haha! The sensation of being engulfed in raging flames isn’t pleasant, is it? Hand over the Demon Flogger to me now, and I can lessen your punishment of being consumed by these intense flames.”

With a hearty laugh, the Demonic Cultivator watched with amusement as Jared struggled amidst the raging flanes.

Quickly, Jared fell silent. Seeing this, the Demonic Cultivator waved his hand, and the roaring flames disappeared in an instant.

But after the flames had disappeared, to his surprise, he found Jared standing unscathed at the very spot.

And around Jared’s body, a mysterious blue flame flickered, as if it were protecting him.

Upon witnessing this scene, the Demonic Cultivator’s eyes widened in an instant, his face filled with disbelief.

“You actually possess demonic fire as well? Where did you get this demonic fire from?” the Demonic Cultivator asked Jared.

Jared’s lips curled up as he said, “Why should I tell you anything? Who do you think you are? Your demon spirit demonic fire is ineffective against my demonic fire. It can’t harm me at all.”

“Brat, since you’re so audacious, let’s see whose demonic fire is more powerful!” With a swift wave of his hands, the Demonic Cultivator sent two streaks of fiery red light soaring rapidly into the semi-dark sky.

Subsequently, they burst open like fireworks, and then two trails of sparks converged, rapidly descending from mid-air.

As the fireworks fell, Jared was captivated by the spectacle in the sky. Unbeknownst to him, several tongues of flame erupted around his feet.

Swiftly, a Flaming Cage materialized, trapping Jared within.

At that moment, the fireworks in the sky fell, their power even greater than before. Jared was trapped within a cage of fireworks, utterly unable to break free.

The Demonic Cultivator snorted coldly, watching with wide eyes as Jared was consumed by flames. “I refuse to believe that you could still hold on while trapped in there!”

Facing the roaring demonic fire, not only was Jared unafraid, but a smile even crept up to the corners of his mouth. He outright laughed.

In fact, Jared had just been provoking this fellow.

Only when this fellow pushed his demonic fire to its limit could Jared absorb the opponent’s demonic fire.

Jared’s fire nascence spark began to flicker, as waves of nascence star emanated from it.

The raging demonic fire was gradually absorbed by the relentless suction force.

Quickly, the flames began to dwindle, until eventually, even the Flaming Cage had completely vanished.

The Demonic Cultivator wore an expression of disbelief. I didn’t summon the demonic fire back. How did the fire actually disappear?

This sudden turn of events left him momentarily stunned.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jared swiftly lashed out with his whip. The Demonic Cultivator snapped back to reality, wanting to dodge, but realized it was already too late.

He was completely caught off guard, never having imagined that Jared could actually break free from the Flaming Cage.


The Demon Flogger struck forcefully against the body of the Demonic Cultivator.

With a horrifying scream, the Demonic Cultivator was immediately propelled backwards.

Simultaneously, his expression contorted in unbearable agony.

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