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The Mans Decree Chapter 3145

The runes on Apex Spear lit up once again. Astonishingly, tiger roars began to echo from Bone Cliff’s body. Immediately after, Bone Cliff’s form began to fade as a fierce tiger merged with his figure.

When the tiger charged, Apex Spear incredulously fused with it. The ferocious tiger emanated a faint red glow, distorting the space and making it nearly impossible to discern the tiger’s actual appearance.

At that instant, the tiger was like a projected image displayed in midair. However, the terrifying aura it gave off unmistakably bore the awakened bloodline of a celestial beast.

As the tiger seemed to meld with the very space around it, even Bone Cliff’s body started turning translucent. The vicious tiger’s eyes flashed red, focusing on Jared like two headlamps.

“Brat, even though my original form has vanished, the magecraft and techniques I possess are still beyond the comprehension of an insignificant Ethereal Realm cultivator like you. Prepare to meet your doom!”

With that, Bone Cliff gently waved his hand. The tiger immediately roared and lunged at Jared.

The attacking entity constantly shifted between the form of a tiger and Apex Spear, making it impossible to distinguish the true nature of the assault. Nevertheless, facing the onslaught, Jared sneered.

The next second, Jared’s figure in the sky suddenly disappeared. When he materialized again, there were six identical Jareds, each carrying the same aura.

As a result, it was virtually not possible to differentiate which was the real him by examining their auras.

The abrupt turn of events caused Bone Cliff to be momentarily stunned. Even the tiger stopped moving, uncertain of how it should proceed with its attack.

“Hmph! Do you think that a simple illusion spell will hinder me?” Bone Cliff snorted. As he spoke, his form shuddered, and Apex Spear swiftly fragmented into eighty-one spears again, each then transforming into a roaring tiger.

For a moment, the entire island resonated with those tigers’ deafening and mighty roars, prompting every onlooker to feel a crushing weight upon their chests. The eighty-one tigers surrounded the six Jareds, trapping the latter.

The crowd grew anxious. Under such circumstances, they wondered if Jared could still match up against his opponent, as they were under the assumption that Jared’s shadow clones were just illusions and that only one of the figures was the true Jared.

Yet, unbeknownst to them, all six Jareds could be considered his true forms since they possessed the aura and capabilities equivalent to the actual Jared.

“Brat, let’s see how you can still hide from me with your lousy illusion spell!” Bone Cliff scoffed. Unfazed, Jared raised his Dragonslayer Sword and uttered a dragon’s roar.

Dazzling golden lights burst forth from his figure as the Power of Dragons surged skyward through Dragonslayer Sword.

Immediately afterward, Jared’s six shadow clones merged, intensifying the golden radiance. In no time, a Golden Dragon’s apparition took shape behind him.

The massive Golden Dragon hovered in midair, glaring down with its eyes that were as big as water barrels. The Golden Dragon let out a series of roars, its overpowering aura causing the entire void to tremble violently.

Even when faced with eighty-one ferocious tigers, the Golden Dragon exuded an air of authority, its eyes filled with disdain. Bone Cliff’s expression changed drastically when he saw the Golden Dragon materializing behind Jared.

Even in his wildest dream, he never imagined a mere Body Fusion Realm cultivator and inconsequential youngster of the Golden Dragon lineage could unleash the soul of the Golden Dragon. This is impossible! Only those with the purest and noblest bloodline of the Golden Dragon lineage can manifest the Golden Dragon’s soul! How could an insignificant Ethereal Realm cultivator like him possibly possess the most aristocratic of the Golden Dragon lineage? Impossible. This is absurd!

Still, the Golden Dragon circling atop Jared’s head was a reality that Bone Cliff couldn’t refute regardless of his willingness.

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The Mans Decree

The Mans Decree

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Jared Chance is furious that someone has tried to make an advance on his girlfriend. In the end, he ends up behind bars after his attempt to protect her. Three years later, he is a free man but finds out that that girlfriend of his has married the man who hit on her back then. Jared will not let things slide. Thankfully, he has learned Focus Technique during his time in prison. At that, he embarks on the journey of cultivation and is accompanied by a gorgeous Josephine. Who would have thought this would enrage his ex-girlfriend?


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