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The Mans Decree Chapter 2956

These individuals were clad in matching attire, and three formidable Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks soared gracefully above them.

If Jared were present to witness this sight, he would undoubtedly recognize them as members of the Nesser family. Cameron led the group, and by his side was his son, Chev. Cameron’s form was enveloped in a continuous, dazzling display of lightning.

“Dad, that heavenly thunder fruit was truly extraordinary. Just one bite of it propelled you to the peak of the Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, bringing you closer to achieving Tribulator. Moreover, you now possess the power of lightning and have successfully tamed three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. It’s truly remarkable! However, Elder Nesser’s health hasn’t shown improvement although he has consumed the heavenly thunder fruit.”

Chev kept flattering his father.

“Elder Nesser was a Tribulator cultivator. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it past Tribulator and eventually passed away. A single heavenly thunder fruit can’t bring him back. Our hope lies in finding the treasure. It’s rumored to contain an Ice Soul Pill capable of rebuilding one’s body. Once we secure that pill, Elder Nesser may have a chance at recovery,” Cameron shared with Chev, his voice filled with determination.

Back at Hawk King Cave, after he got two heavenly thunder fruits, he had planned on giving them to Eamon, but in the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation and refined one in secret.

This extraordinary fruit facilitated his ascent from the Eighth Level to the pinnacle of the Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, placing him just a step away from reaching the coveted Tribulator.

If Jared were to discover that Cameron had achieved such a significant advancement, going from the Eighth Level to the Ninth with just one heavenly thunder fruit, it would undoubtedly ignite his ire.

After all, Jared had absorbed the ice soul fragment and consumed a heavenly thunder fruit himself, yet he had only managed to progress from the Third Level Body Fusion Realm to the Fourth Level.

Furthermore, Cameron had used the newfound power of lightning bestowed by the heavenly thunder fruit to stealthily return to Hawk King Cave when Thunderhawk was absent and successfully tamed several Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

It was evident that without the lightning energy granted by the heavenly thunder fruit, such an endeavor would have been utterly impossible for him.

“Dad, look! An ice bear!” Chev got excited when he saw an ice bear. This marked Cameron’s first trip to the far north, and it was also his first encounter with an ice bear.

As Chev prepared to lead the group in capturing and subduing the creature, Cameron intervened abruptly, emitting a piercing cry that halted their actions. Hearing that cry, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks flew straight to the ice bear.

Cameron opted for a different approach. He instructed the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks to kill the ice bear, prioritizing the conservation of their own strength. He reasoned that they needed to be in peak condition for potential confrontations with others once they reached the location of the treasure.

Sensing danger, the ice bear roared out loud before fleeing the scene. The three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks flew after it relentlessly.

The ice bear was running toward Jared’s direction. Kaison suddenly pointed at the sky and asked, “Mr. Chance, look. What are those things in the sky?”

In the bitterly cold expanses of the far north, the frigid weather deterred most birds from taking to the skies.

As Jared looked up, he soon discerned that the winged creatures soaring above them were none other than the formidable Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. He immediately scowled.

Right then, Cloud, Sunny, and the like also discovered the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. “Those are Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. Why are they here? Is Thunderhawk here? We’re in trouble.”

“If Thunderhawk is here, we should leave now!”

Their guess was that Thunderhawk was here. Jared suspected that Thunderhawk might be in the vicinity given his unique ability to command the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks However, he soon detected something unusual in the surroundings.

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The Mans Decree

The Mans Decree

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Jared Chance is furious that someone has tried to make an advance on his girlfriend. In the end, he ends up behind bars after his attempt to protect her. Three years later, he is a free man but finds out that that girlfriend of his has married the man who hit on her back then. Jared will not let things slide. Thankfully, he has learned Focus Technique during his time in prison. At that, he embarks on the journey of cultivation and is accompanied by a gorgeous Josephine. Who would have thought this would enrage his ex-girlfriend?


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