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The Mans Decree Chapter 2653

“Living in this cave must be quite arduous. I have an estate spanning thousands of acres, offering you a choice of residence anywhere you desire. Moreover, my proficiency in the Vigor Strengthening Skill guarantees your contentment. Now, be good girls and come out. Should I turn hostile, I’ll instruct my subordinates to barge in and give them a chance to do whatever they like with you.”

Laughter erupted outside the cave. Meanwhile, Josephine and the other two heaved in fury. “I’m going to kill them!” Aislin’s cheeks were flushed as she grabbed her sword, ready to rush out.

Aislin was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, so she had never been insulted this way. As she was still a virgin, she found herself quivering with fury upon being subjected to his offensive words.

Feenix quickly stopped her. “Don’t rush out! He’s deliberately provoking us. There are other ways out of this cave. Let’s just leave quietly. When we find Master, I believe he will teach this lewd man a lesson.”

Should Jared learn that someone had made indecent comments toward his women, he would undoubtedly ensure the culprit learned a profound lesson.

The three women hopped onto the ferocious tigers and escaped from another entrance silently. When Kaison and his men eventually charged. into the cave, all they found was a blazing bonfire. The women had vanished without a trace.

“D*mn it! They escaped again. After them!” Kaison and his men promptly chased after them. At present, Jared remained unaware of the peril looming over Josephine and the others. He diligently practiced his cultivation in Ghaylen’s abode, biding his time until the medicinal pool became accessible.

A few days had passed since Jared’s fight with Bilius, but the disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect were still talking about it.

Following the altercation, Ghaylen’s disciples. observed a surge in their social standing. Previously, even those from the outer circle had dismissed them, but now they were treated with nothing but respect.

Conversely, the status of Ebenez’s disciples was on a downward trajectory. With Sigurd’s waning respect for Ebenez, his disciples. experienced a similar decline.

Ebenez refused to see anyone for the past few days out of shame. His eldest disciple had been killed, and the status of his remaining disciples within the sect plummeted to the lowest point.

“I refuse to give up. I won’t!” he roared within his residence as he activated a communication device. He wanted Hosen to return as soon as possible. Sigurd was now on good terms with Ghaylen. The balance of power within Emerald Cauldron Sect could easily shift in favor of Ghaylen if Hosen remained absent.

“Ebenez, what is it?” Hosen’s voice rang out after the communication device was activated. “When will you be back, Hosen? Many things have happened within Emerald Cauldron Sect during your absence,” Ebenez pleaded.

“I intend to return in a few days, right after the medicinal pool opens. I’ve developed a positive relationship with King Lucian recently, and Emerald Cauldron Sect has successfully established a strategic partnership with Norwal City!” Hosen exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Hosen, why don’t you consider returning now instead of waiting for the medicinal pool to open? Otherwise, someone else might seize the opportunity to take the leadership position of Emerald Cauldron Sect away from you,” Ebenez expressed with concern. Hosen was surprised to hear that. “What exactly happened?”

“Hosen, we’ll talk when you get back. It is a long story,” Ebenez told him before ending their conversation. The communication device was purchased. Crafted by a master in arcane arrays, its cost increased with longer communication durations.

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The Mans Decree

The Mans Decree

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Jared Chance is furious that someone has tried to make an advance on his girlfriend. In the end, he ends up behind bars after his attempt to protect her. Three years later, he is a free man but finds out that that girlfriend of his has married the man who hit on her back then. Jared will not let things slide. Thankfully, he has learned Focus Technique during his time in prison. At that, he embarks on the journey of cultivation and is accompanied by a gorgeous Josephine. Who would have thought this would enrage his ex-girlfriend?


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