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An Understated Dominance Chapter 949 by Marina Vittori

Ronald was the only one who stayed behind. “Why are you still here, Ronald? Go back,” Paul said. Ronald did not answer him.

He gave him a quick once over and looked at Dustin instead. “Dustin, where did you hire this person?” “What? What nonsense is that?” Paul frowned.

“Well? Are you going to keep up the act?” Ronald’s expression darkened.“Watch it! Is this how you talk to your mentor? How rude!” Paul scolded angrily.

“Hmph! I’ll see for myself if you’re a man or a ghost!” Ronald huffed.

Suddenly, he reached out to claw at Paul’s face.

Paul frowned and quickly stepped back. But he wasn’t fast enough.

Just as Ronald was about to grab him, Dustin rushed up and stood

between the two.

“Sir Reeds, please have mercy. Hear me out,” he said.

“You horrid student! How dare you attack your mentor?

“That is unacceptable behavior!” Paul looked furious.

“Alright, alright. Enough with that. Sir Reeds has already seen through

your disguise.”

Dustin shot the person behind him a warning look.

Paul’s expression immediately changed when he heard that. He was livid

just moments ago but now broke out into a mischievous smile.

Then, a woman’s voice could be heard coming from him.


“As expected from a grandmaster! I’ve put so much effort into making this prosthetic mask.

“But you were still able to see through it.”

Then, reaching up to grab the mask, Paul’s face disappeared instantly. Instead, a beautiful and alluring face appeared before them.

It was Azalea!

“Who is this, Dustin?” Ronald frowned.

“She’s a friend of mine, Sir Reeds. She’s skilled in the art of face–changing.


Dustin bowed and explained, “This was my last resort. I had to expose Spring. Please overlook this.”

“Oh, so she’s skilled in the arts of disguise.” Ronald nodded.

Then he said, “Though your actions do not seem right, you only did this to prove your innocence. It’s understandable.”

“Thank you for understanding, Sir Reeds.” Dustin nodded at him.

He knew getting Azalea to pretend to be Paul was offensive to Paul.

“Let’s skip the formalities. I’m happy that you were able to clear yourself

of the accusations.

“The Balerno martial arts alliance needs young talents like you. Your generation will rule the martial world in the future,” Ronald said.

“You’re flattering me, Sir Reeds.” Dustin smiled.

“Right, before I forget about it.”

Ronald seemed to recall something. He pulled out a bottle containing a

pill and handed it to Dustin.

“Here’s the antidote for Septemortis. Go on and take it.

“We don’t want the poison to seep into your bone marrows. It might cause


“Thank you, Sir Reeds.”

Dustin took the bottle, poured the antidote pill, and swallowed it.

“Alright, I’ve done what I came to do. The alliance will punish Spring publicly tomorrow.

“Come over to witness it if you haven’t got anything better to do. I’ll be leaving now.”

Then, Ronald turned to leave.

Suddenly, Dustin’s face paled. Then, he began coughing up blood, which was black.

He slumped to the ground weakly.

“Dustin?” Azalea’s eyes widened as she hurried to steady him.

“Dustin! What’s wrong?” Ronald was startled.

“The antidote… It’s poisonous!”

Dustin gritted his teeth as sweat poured down his face.

There was poison coated within the antidote. As nobody had checked, he had been tricked into taking it.

“There’s poison? How could that be?”

Ronald’s brows locked tightly together. “I’ve been keeping the antidote with me wherever I go all these days. Nobody has touched it …”

As he spoke, he suddenly paused. “Hold on! The antidote was given to me

by Conrad Melling! Could he have done something with it?”

That bastard! How could he be so cunning!

“Quick! Gather everyone from the alliance! I want Conrad captured!

‘And send someone to Stoneray Valley! Request for Dr. Watkins to come

and help Dustin!

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An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
An Understated Dominance is a Urban/Realistic novel for men, telling a story of Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years.
“An Understated Dominance” delves into themes of ambition, power, and the price of success. The novel explores the complexities of relationships …
Marina Vittori is the author of An Understated Dominance Novel. This novel is in Urban/Realistic genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good …

Summary An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

Chapter 1 “Dustin, here is the divorce agreement prepared by Ms. Nicholson. All you need to do is sign them.” In the president’s office of the Quine Group, the secretary, Lyra Blaine, placed a piece of A4 paper on the table. A man sat opposite her, dressed in plain clothing. “Divorce? What do you mean?” Dustin Rhys was taken aback. “Do you not understand what I’m saying? Your marriage with Ms. Nicholson is over. You’re not even on the same level anymore. Your existence is nothing but a smear on the president’s reputation!” Lyra pulled no punches as she spoke. “A smear on her reputation?” Dustin frowned. “Is that how she thinks of me?” Back when they first got married, the Nicholson family was in ruinous debt. He was the one who helped them when they were at their lowest point. Now that they were rich, Dahlia Nicholson was ready to just kick him out. “Something like that.” Lyra jerked her chin toward the magazine on the table. A photo of a beautiful woman was printed on the front page. “Look at the headline on this magazine, Dustin. Ms. Nicholson’s net worth has hit one billion in the course of just three years, a feat no short of a miracle. She’s now the most desired woman in Swinton! With all this, she’s destined for greatness. But you, you’re just a regular joe. You don’t deserve her at all. I hope that you’ll see some sense and do the right thing.” When Dustin remained silent, Lyra frowned. “I know you’re not happy with this, but this is reality,” she continued. “You might have helped Ms. Nicholson when she was in trouble, but she has repaid you for everything you’ve done for her over the last three years. In fact, you’re the one who owes her now!” “Is our marriage just a business deal to her, then?” Dustin took a deep breath to suppress the emotions within. “If she wants to divorce me, let her speak to me herself.” “Ms. Nicholson is very busy. She doesn’t need to trouble herself with such trifling matters.” “Trifling matters?” Dustin was stunned. Then he laughed bitterly. “Is that so? Is divorce a trifling matter to her? She can’t even find the time to speak to me. Truly, she’s that unattainable now!” “Dustin, don’t delay this any longer.” Lyra pushed the divorce agreement toward him again. “Just sign here and you’ll get a car and a house as compensation. On top of that, you’ll also get eight million dollars. This is more than what you’ll be able to earn in your lifetime!” “Eight million dollars is a lot, but…I don’t need it. I will sign the divorce papers if she comes personally. Otherwise, I won’t sign anything,” Duston said coldly. “Don’t go too far, Dustin!” Lyra slammed her hand on the table. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. With all her power and resources, Ms. Nicholson can divorce you easily. It’s only because she appreciates her past relationship with you that she’s allowing you to keep your dignity intact. Don’t provoke her!” “My dignity?” Dustin was a little amused by that. She didn’t even want to speak to him directly to divorce him. What kind of dignity was that? Moreover, if she really did appreciate their relationship, then why was she threatening him now?


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