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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3615

Jared held a timepiece in his hand. Suddenly, the timepiece emitted a faint glow that instantly enveloped Igor and Helmut.

With no time to react, Igor and Helmut felt like their spiritual sense was suddenly sucked away by a massive force.

Immediately after, they found themselves spinning endlessly in the vortex of time. They both felt dizzy and disoriented.

After the vortex ceased, they opened their eyes, only to discover they were hovering above Blood Spirit Valley.

The two of them exchanged glances, but they were completely oblivious to each other’s presence.

They could sense each other yet couldn’t see each other at all.

Since their consciousness had been stripped away, reverting them to the past, they couldn’t see anything.

At that moment, Blood Spirit Valley was experiencing a bloodbath.

Igor saw that Helmut, along with the disciples of Bloodroot Peak, was ruthlessly slaughtering the people of Blood Spirit Valley.

With Helmut being an Eight Level Tribulator, no one in Blood Spirit Valley could stand in his way.

As Igor watched his disciples being slaughtered and dying one by one right before his very eyes, his body trembled, his eyes filled with rage.

“Helmut, you’re a monster! I’m going to kill you! Stop! Just stop! Everyone, halt!” Igor roared.

Alas, no one could hear his cries.

The scenes he witnessed had already taken place, so they could not be changed.

Igor’s fists were clenched tightly. The feeling of helplessly watching his disciples being slaughtered right before his eyes was so overwhelming that he could barely catch his breath.

Helmut, on the other hand, stared at everything before him with surprise written all over his face. He had no idea what method Jared had used to enable them to witness the scene that had occurred at that time.

He had heard of a time magical item that could transport a person’s divine soul or the like back to the past, allowing them to see events that had transpired.

Could it be that we’ve been taken back in time to the scene of the massacre at Blood Spirit Valley?

At that moment, in the grand hall of Bloodroot Peak, everyone was staring at Igor and Helmut. The two men stood there as still as statues, without even blinking an eye.

It was clear that their souls had been drawn out of their bodies.

“You’ve got some nerve. What have you done to our sect leader?” the elder of Bloodroot Peak immediately roared at Jared in fury upon seeing that.

At the same time, over a dozen of Bloodroot Peak disciples rushed forward and surrounded Jared.

Seeing that, Montane Daemon immediately positioned himself before Jared, dropping into a battle stance.

“You all want to fight? Considering your pathetic capabilities, you losers had better buzz off!” Montane Daemon cursed at those of Bloodroot Peak.

At his fury, those of Bloodroot Peak were somewhat frightened.

“Since our sect leader has been reduced to this state, it’s clear that this scoundrel has played a trick on him. If our sect leader can’t recover, don’t even think about leaving Bloodroot Peak,” the elder of Bloodroot Peak declared loudly.

Although he was also afraid of Montane Daemon, as an elder of Bloodroot Peak, he had to step forward and speak up then.

“Don’t worry. Your sect leader will recover soon, Jared said in a calm and nonchalant manner.

No sooner had his words fallen than Igor and Helmut suddenly moved.

Igor flew into a rage, pointing at Helmut and roaring, “You beast, I’m going to tear you to pieces today!”

Having said that, Igor shot his leg out at Helmut.


Helmut managed to dodge that blow, but it created a deep pit in the grand hall’s floor.

The energy that accompanied it caused the entire hall to start shaking. In the end, it even collapsed.

Upon seeing that, Jared and the others all leapt into mid-air.

Judging from the mess below, it was clear proof of Igor’s fury.

“Mr. Lothian, what happened?” Montane Daemon asked Igor.

“Helmut, that beast! He was the one who led the massacre of Blood Spirit Valley. Today, I will ensure that he meets a tragic end!”

Igor gritted his teeth, his bones popping audibly.

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