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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3283

Chapter 3283 Treasure Hunter

“To think that a magical item could possess such abilities, that’s truly impressive,” Cloud expressed with envy in his eyes.

Jared, on the other hand, was not surprised. Ancient magical items, spiritual tools, and sacred items often had various functions; it was quite normal. However, he could not help but wonder how this family acquired such an ancient magical item.

Seeing Jared’s puzzled expression, Miya continued, “The owner of this place is named Hamish Chevalier. He’s a master of geological survey, so over the years, he has been organizing treasure-hunting expeditions to the southern region, making him extremely familiar with the routes leading there. Treasure hunters like him put their lives on the line. I’ve heard that many don’t make it back after each expedition. However, due to Hamish’s expertise in geology, the risk is significantly reduced, and he often manages to unearth valuable treasures.

This has led to many people wanting to accompany him on his expeditions. But Hamish doesn’t take just anyone. There’s a strict assessment process, and you need a personal recommendation. Otherwise, you won’t even get a meeting, let alone join the expedition. Notably, you won’t even find the entrance to this courtyard unless you’re properly introduced. But don’t worry. I’ve known his daughter, Kiara, since childhood. So even if all the slots are filled, you three will be fine.”

“Could the magical item that opened this space be one of the treasures Hamish unearthed?” Jared inquired.

“It should be. I haven’t seen it before, and this space was only created a few years ago, so he probably acquired it during one of his expeditions,” Miya answered, nodding.

Jared became interested in Hamish. Unlike in the mundane world, great battles were a dime a dozen in the Ethereal Realm. Many ancient powerhouses died in those battles, and Hamish would be quite a remarkable individual if he truly possessed the skill of geological surveyance.

In a way, Hamish was similar to the tomb raiders in the mundane world; to acquire treasures, one needed to first find the right locations.

“Miya, why do you have time to visit me today? I heard that there have been quite a few incidents in the Seizon family recently. Is your dad okay?”

A hearty voice rang out, and Hamish walked in. From the tone he used with Miya, it was evident that Hamish had a good relationship with Lawrence.

“Mr. Chevalier, my dad is doing well, and the Seizon family is mostly fine now. I came today to bring a few friends. They want to accompany you to the southern region,” Miya straightforwardly stated.

Hamish turned to look at Jared and the others as a hint of hesitation appeared on his face. After all, they seemed quite young and not very powerful; they seemed like they were only Body Fusion Realm cultivators.

“Miya, you know, the journey to the southern region is perilous, and the casualties are substantial. If your friends accompany me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect them,” Hamish tactfully rejected Miya. For Hamish, having Jared and the others along would only burden him. He would not agree to it.

“What dangers could there be to take the Teleportation Array to the southern region?” Cloud asked, puzzled.

They just did not know the way. If they knew Crimson Imperial City, they could easily take the Teleportation Array to the southern region without needing Hamish’s help.

Hamish glanced at Cloud and explained, “I’ve never used the Teleportation Array to reach the southern region.”

“You don’t use the Teleportation Array?” Cloud froze.

“Using the Teleportation Array to go from here to Crimson Imperial City and then waiting for the transfer to the southern region consumes a lot of time. I prefer to go directly from here to the southern region. It’s a much shorter journey, but it’s also quite dangerous. So, for people with limited strength like you, it’s not suitable to accompany me. You can just go to Crimson Imperial City and take the Teleportation Array from there,” Hamish advised.

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