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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3276

Chapter 3276 Recognize Mistake

“Uncle Enrique, don’t slander others! Jadiel died from self-destruction. You can ask your children. They witnessed it, too!” Miya said to Enrique.

“There’s no need to ask. He was murdered!” Enrique only wanted to look for an excuse at that moment. The truth behind what actually happened wasn’t at all important to him.

“Dad, stop being unreasonable. Mr. Jadiel really did self-destruct!” Genya bellowed.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Enrique instantly glared at Genya.

“Dad, Mr. Jadiel did self-destruct. His death has nothing to do with others. Stop making baseless accusations.” Yorath stepped forward and dragged Enrique aside with all his might. If they didn’t stop Enrique, their lineage would truly be doomed.

“What’s gotten into the two of you today?” Enrique was caught in utter disbelief, unable to comprehend why his children were no longer taking his side all of a sudden.

“Dad, stop being obstinate. Old Mr. Ozrell has spoken and asked you to join him in the ancestral land. He’s very well-informed of everything that’s been happening outside,” Yorath said anxiously.

“Nonsense! Old Mr. Ozrell has been confined to the great hall within the ancestral land for many years, so how could he possibly know? You must be lying to me.” Enrique refused to believe it. How could Old Mr. Ozrell possibly learn of the circumstances outside?

As soon as Enrique finished his sentence, an ancient voice rang out, seemingly echoing from the heavens. “Unfilial descendant, how dare you keep me waiting!”

Ozrell’s voice came from the hall within the ancestral land. Hearing that, the Seizon family members were stunned. Lawrence immediately knelt down.

At that sight, the other members of the Seizon family quickly followed suit. That was because it was the first time they had heard Ozrell’s voice outside the ancestral land in so many years. Enrique widened his eyes, terror and incredulity filling his gaze.

He had never imagined his scheme would alarm Ozrell. Yorath, standing at one side, reminded Enrique, “Dad, hurry up and enter the ancestral land. If Old Mr. Ozrell gets angry, our lineage will be done for!”

Enrique slowly got to his feet in a daze and walked toward the ancestral land.

Seeing that, Gideon hastily shouted, “Mr. Enrique!”

He had gone to the Seizon residence for Enrique’s support. Now that the latter was abandoning their rebellion, Gideon’s efforts would be in vain. Not to mention, even with the party he led, they still didn’t stand a chance against the Seizon family.

As if he hadn’t heard a thing, Enrique continued moving forward and eventually disappeared into the ancestral land. No one knew what punishment awaited him there.

Despite the reluctance surging within Yorath and Genya as they watched their father enter the ancestral land, they could do nothing. After all, they had followed him in causing harm to the Seizon family, conspiring with outsiders to seize the position of the family head.

After Enrique stepped into the ancestral land, Yorath, Genya, and the rest of their disciples approached Lawrence. Then, Yorath and Genya knelt before Lawrence.

“Uncle Lawrence, we were led astray and did many things that harmed the Seizon family. We beg for your forgiveness.” The two groveled at Lawrence’s feet, pleading with him earnestly.

At that moment, they were sincerely owning up to their mistakes and no longer intending to rebel. Now that even Ozrell had intervened, they dared not harbor any schemes.

Besides, since Miya had unlocked the nascence space and comprehended the nascence of the Seizon family’s elder, Enrique’s lineage had even less chance of snatching the position of the family head.

“Get up. It’s fine as long as you recognize your mistakes and are willing to turn over a new leaf.” Lawrence didn’t make things difficult for Yorath and Genya.

After all, it wasn’t Lawrence’s wish to see infighting within the Seizon family.

Gideon was beside himself with fury upon witnessing that scene. I’ve led a party here from afar, only to gain nothing and even lose a son!

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