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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3244

Chapter 3244 Ozrell Seizon

As Miya ventured into the cave, Jared followed closely behind. Inside, a myriad of shimmering lights danced with lightning speed, creating a surreal spectacle. The sensation was akin to stepping into a time tunnel.

Before they could fully grasp their surroundings, a brilliant flash of white light enveloped them, and suddenly, a majestic palace materialized in front of their astonished eyes.

“This is our ancestral palace, and I found this secret tunnel by accident. Besides my father and brother, no one else knew about the tunnel’s existence,” Miya explained.

Glancing at the spectacular palace, Jared could sense the aura of nascence within the structure. Excitement was written all over his face. Here, he could effortlessly absorb the nascence aura without having to exert his senses. This is awesome!

Upon noticing Jared’s excitement, Miya flashed a grin. Witnessing Jared’s happiness brought joy to her as well.

“Did you sense the nascence aura?” Miya asked. Jared nodded in acknowledgment. “Yes, it’s very intense.”

“Come with me. There are still many types of nascence aura waiting for you to explore. If you’re lucky, you might even experience the presence of the nascence itself.” With that, Miya led Jared into the main hall.

After taking two steps forward, Miya turned around and reminded Jared, “Watch your words when you see my ancestor later. Just tell him you’re one of the Seizons no matter what he asks you.”

“Your ancestor? Are there still inhabitants in this ancestral land?” Jared questioned incredulously.

“Of course! My ancestor, Old Mr. Ozrell, has lived for hundreds of years. It’s just that he can’t leave the ancestral land. He would perish if he did,” Miya responded.

Realization dawned on Jared that her so- called ancestor might not be of flesh and blood. He’s probably a spirit who survives by absorbing the various auras in the ancestral land. His spirit would be completely destroyed if he were to step out of the territory.

Following Miya into the hall, Jared observed an elderly man seated cross- legged at the center. The elder man, whose deeply sunken eyes were shut, looked exceptionally scrawny.

Jared was stunned by the sight before him. He hadn’t anticipated the Seizon family ancestor to be not only alive but also in a complete, flesh-and-blood form. Unbelievable!

Yet, the elderly man didn’t emanate too much of an aura, so Jared couldn’t assess the latter’s capabilities. Only when he heard commotion from a short distance away did the elderly man slowly open his eyes.

Upon noticing that, Miya immediately approached and greeted him with respect, “Old Mr. Ozrell…”

After scrutinizing Miya for a moment, Ozrell uttered, “The portal to the ancestral land has just opened, so technically, people are supposed to arrive only tomorrow. Why are you here today?”

“Old Mr. Ozrell, the portal opened unexpectedly, and no one knew what happened, so they sent us here to check things out,” Miya explained.

Ozrell glanced at Jared and asked, “This young man is not from the Seizon family, right?”

“Old Mr. Ozrell, he is. He’s the son of Uncle Renault, who left home some time ago. He’s a Seizon,” Miya immediately clarified.

“Nonsense! Do you honestly think I can’t tell if he’s a Seizon?” Ozrell bellowed. Miya was taken aback by that sudden outburst. In response, Jared immediately stepped in and admitted, “Sir, I’m indeed not a member of the Seizon family.”

“If you’re not one of us, you have no right to enter the ancestral land. Leave this place immediately. I’ll show no mercy if you dare to trespass into our territory again,” Ozrell declared, waving his hand.

“Old Mr. Ozrell…” Miya grew anxious, wanting to plead with Ozrell to let Jared stay, but he had already closed his eyes.

“Ms. Seizon, I think we should go,” Jared suggested, understanding that since he was not from the Seizon family, he couldn’t insist on staying in their ancestral land.

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