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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2902

Chapter 2902 Keeping A Low Profile

“Let’s check out what’s going on in front,” Jared remarked as he picked up his pace. Soon, Jared and his party could see more than ten men gesturing in front of a snowy mountain, seemingly engrossed in a discussion.

Upon walking up to the group, Jared and the others were greeted by the sight of a landslide that revealed an entrance to a pitch-black cave. Right then, no one had the courage to step inside it.

Among those in the group, Jared realized that it was the three men he ran into upon leaving Jipsdale-Konce, Sunny, and Lofton.

Back then, Konce was slapped by Hester and subsequently fled in fear. The moment the three of them saw Jared, Konce walked over with a smile on his face.

“What a coincidence, kid. I didn’t expect to see you again,” Konce greeted Jared. He looked as if he was trying to get into Jared’s good books. After all, to have Hester backing him up, Jared was definitely someone important.

He must either be related to Mr. Sparrow or is a scion of some powerful family. Otherwise, Mr. Sparrow wouldn’t have bothered to defend him!

“What a coincidence indeed, sir.” Jared, too, grinned in response before asking. “By the way, what’s going on here?”

“Yesterday, we heard some strange noises within the mountain, and today, the landslide uncovered this cave. Everyone is speculating that the cave might lead to a treasure. It’s just that no one has the guts to be the first one to enter,” Sunny explained.

“Sir, did no one probe it with spiritual sense?” Jared asked quizzically.

“It doesn’t work. The sub-zero temperature of the cave prevents spiritual sense from probing deep into it,” Sunny added.

With that, Jared stared at the cave and unleashed his spiritual sense into it. However, no sooner had his spiritual sense exceeded a distance of a hundred meters than a gust of frost energy blew outward, severing it.

“The frost energy inside this cave is really intense!” Jared exclaimed. At that moment, more than a dozen people were congregated outside the cave, but no one dared to venture in, as they would be the first ones to be exposed to all sorts of danger.

Just as everyone was at a loss, Jared suddenly felt Demon Flogger vibrate in his Storage Ring, letting out a faint glow.

Checking his Storage Ring with his spiritual sense, Jared furrowed his brows when he noticed the change in Demon Flogger. Why is it reacting? Is it because there are demons hiding within the group?

Jared was brimming with astonishment, for one couldn’t tell who was a demon from the aura they exuded alone. After all, there were many methods demons could use to hide their aura, including the use of pills or charms.

If it wasn’t for the huge difference in strength, one would find it hard to detect a demon once they hid their aura. Nevertheless, Demon Flogger was a celestial weapon. Even if a demon was hiding their aura, they would still fail to fool it.

Consequently, Jared scrutinized the group of more than ten men, hoping to pick out the demon among them.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t discern who the demon was despite his best efforts, and it was not like he could whip out Demon Flogger in that situation.

Demon Flogger was a celestial weapon, so unveiling a treasure like that would only paint a target on Jared’s back.

“Wow, it’s really lively here…”

All of a sudden, a voice rang out, causing everyone’s gazes to turn toward it. They were soon greeted by the sight of Jerison approaching with his men.

At that moment, a look of disdain flashed across the latter’s face. Even though there were Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators present, Jerison didn’t see them as a threat at all, for the far north was considered the Tall family’s turf.

As Jerison scanned through the crowd, he realized that those in Jared’s group were the only people he knew.

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