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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2887

Chapter 2887 Lightning Tribulation Cloud

However, the four men were not planning to let Viola go so easily. They each stood in one direction, and no matter where Viola turned, she would see someone taking off their clothes. At that, Viola closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, a grim look appeared on Jared’s face when he saw how the shameless men were doing such despicable things. In the next instance, Jared stood up and slowly walked toward the outside of the arcane array. The four cultivators were delighted to witness that.

“You’re a bold one, brat. You’re only a Second Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, but you dared to step out of the arcane array to face us,” the Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator said with a sneer.

“You could’ve gotten out of this alive, but you just had to court death.”

With that said, Jared disappeared. Then, in the next beat, he reappeared before the Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator.

His hand shot out as he grabbed the Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator’s neck effortlessly. To the four cultivators’ shock, the Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator could not fight back against Jared at all.

“You-” The Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator stared at Jared in astonishment and disbelief. Nevertheless, Jared did not give him a chance to speak as he shot a burst of demonic fire at the cultivator’s lower half, igniting it.

Since the shameless cultivators were capable of stripping in public, Jared was going to let them have a taste of fire.

Soon, the flames grew fierce, and the Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator was screaming. In no time, he was nothing but a pile of ashes. The others were stunned to their cores when they saw that.

They never imagined that a Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator would be so easily killed by a Second Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. It was frightening.

“Demonic fire! Now I remember. What he’s using is demonic fire! He’s a Demonic Cultivator!”

Finally, someone recognized Jared’s demonic fire. Upon hearing the mention of demonic fire, the cultivators turned as pale as a sheet and spun on their heels to flee. But how could they be quicker than Jared’s demonic fire?

With a flick of Jared’s finger, three bursts of demonic fire landed on those cultivators. The flames burned intensely, and no matter how much they struggled, nothing helped.

The cultivators could only watch helplessly as they were burned to their deaths, their consciousness fading.

Even then, they could not wrap their heads around how a Second Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator-though he was a Demonic Cultivator-could be so powerful.

Not long after, the cultivators had turned into ashes and were blown away by a gust of wind. It was as though they had never been there.

Jared expanded his spiritual sense to several miles away and noted that there were no other cultivators around. It was then he relaxed and returned to the arcane array to recover again.

After what seemed like forever, dark clouds gathered above them in the sky, with lightning flickering within them. When Jared lifted his head to look at them, he noticed that it was actually a lightning tribulation cloud.

Though it was a small swarm of dark clouds, it was enough to form a lightning tribulation cloud. At that point, Vasily had stopped absorbing the ice soul fragment. Spiritual energy was swirling around him.

“A lightning tribulation cloud actually formed when you achieved a breakthrough in cultivation level. Not bad.”

Viola was jealous to see that. All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning from the lightning tribulation cloud struck down with a loud crash.

The bolt of lightning was like a sword with immense force contained in it rushing toward Vasily. Jared and Viola could only watch from the sidelines, unable to help Vasily.

It was extremely rare to witness the formation of a lightning tribulation cloud when one only achieved a breakthrough in a level. Now, it was up to Vasily as to whether or not he could withstand the trial.

It seemed like Vasily had sensed the power of the lightning tribulation cloud as well, for his muscles began to bulge, and his skin turned into a shade of copper as though he had tanned.

Rumble! The crack of lightning struck Vasily before countless visible electric currents coursed through his body. Vasily scrunched up his face as he gritted his teeth.

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