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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2868

Chapter 2868 Sea Serpent

“Understood, Mr. Chance.” The Three Bandits nodded. Jared followed the girl toward the place where the ice soul fragment lay.

“Where are you from? Why are you concealing your cultivation level? What are you doing in this bitterly cold northern land?”

The girl bombarded Jared with all kinds of questions along the way, but he didn’t utter a word in response. No matter how much she asked, he simply wouldn’t answer.

After all, he wasn’t familiar with that girl, so Jared didn’t feel the need to reveal his identity to her. Realizing his refusal to speak, the girl zipped her mouth.

Soon, they arrived at a hill covered with snow. “It’s just up ahead. You can even see it from here,” the girl said while pointing forward.

Jared shifted his gaze, following the direction she pointed at, and saw there was indeed a spot different from the snowy surroundings. Upon closer examination, he noticed a fragment shimmering with white light and surrounded by mist.

A large amount of spiritual energy swirled around the fragment, forming a spiritual energy vortex. Jared glanced around, not seeing anything in sight or the so-called demon beast guardian, so he said to the girl, “In this case, can’t we just go over there?”

The girl shook her head. “No, we can’t. An ice snake lurks around here. If we casually approach, we’ll surely be attacked.”

“Wait for me here, then. I’ll go retrieve it.” Jared told the girl to wait as he headed toward the ice soul fragment.

However, after he took two steps forward, the ground shook. Immediately afterward, a giant white snake covered in white scales burst out from the icy surface. It hissed and emanated a chilling aura.

Two short horns protruded from the giant snake’s head. Evidently, it wasn’t an ordinary snake but a sea serpent!


The sea serpent kept hissing at Jared, seemingly stopping him from getting closer to the ice soul fragment.

Jared glanced at the sea serpent. Realizing it had a cultivation level of Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, which was similar to the ice bear earlier, he was unfazed.

“I’ll fight and distract this sea serpent. You go get the ice soul fragment,” Jared said to the girl. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away with the ice soul fragment?” the girl asked Jared in astonishment.

“I’m not because I’ve done away with anyone who dared take me as a fool. So, if you have the guts to trick me, you’ll die too,” Jared replied nonchalantly, his words sending chills down the girl’s spine.

Before she could speak, he leaped up, holding Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, launching himself at the sea serpent. Sensing Jared’s incoming attack, the sea serpent raised its body and opened its bloody maw.

Just as Jared got close, it spewed out a white mist, which was a condensation of cold aura. It was frosty and capable of freezing anything.

The white mist even froze the air, causing the entire space to distort. As Jared’s body fell into the white mist, he was instantly frozen in midair like an ice sculpture.

The girl was stunned by that scene, never expecting Jared to be defeated so effortlessly and frozen solid by the sea serpent. The sea serpent hissed and charged at Jared, intending to swallow him whole.

The girl wanted to save Jared but was powerless to help and could only watch as he was about to be consumed by the sea serpent.

However, just as the sea serpent reached Jared, who was frozen into a block of ice, a red glow flickered in his chest. Immediately afterward, a scorching flame ignited, instantly melting the ice.

Jared swung his Dragonslayer Sword at the sea serpent. The razor-sharp light from the sword struck the sea serpent’s body, slashing it and leaving a wound. Blood gushed out continuously from the laceration, staining the snowy ground red.

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