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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2629

“Bilius achieved the Body Fusion Realm breakthrough so quickly. Could he have experienced some sort of fortuitous. encounter?”

Sigurd’s brows furrowed. After all, once someone became a Top Level Manifestor, the chance of breaking through to the Body Fusion Realm required both opportunity and luck.

That was why Bilius had returned. He wanted to use the medicinal pool to achieve a breakthrough. However, Bilius had attained Body Fusion Realm even before the opening of the medicinal pool. That, naturally, made Sigurd suspicious.

Now, the power gap between Sigurd and Bilius was widening, and it would be far more challenging for Sigurd to maintain his position. as the seniormost disciple in Emerald Cauldron Sect.

All of a sudden, a realization struck Sigurd, and he quickly made his way to the sect’s warehouse.

There were many pills from Emerald Cauldron Sect that were kept in the warehouse. Although those pills were not as precious as the ones in the medicinal treasury, there were still many pills of high quality kept there, such as the Elementum Totum Pills.

Only the lord of the sect was allowed to retrieve high-quality pills, so Bilius’ abrupt achievement made Sigurd wonder if the other man had stolen one of the sect’s high-quality pills.

Thus, Sigurd went to the warehouse to check through the inventory. Bilius would be severely punished if he had stolen and consumed one of those pills. However, just as Sigurd reached the entrance of the warehouse, he was stopped by one of the disciples guarding the warehouse.

“Sigurd, the warehouse is a restricted area, not meant for casual access,” the guard said to Sigurd. Those who were guarding the warehouse were Ebenez’s disciples, so they didn’t harbor much fear of Sigurd.

“Nonsense! The lord isn’t around, and as the seniormost disciple, I have the right to patrol everywhere in the sect. I’m going to check the warehouse right now. Are you going to stop me?” Sigurd snapped. “Sorry, Sigurd, but without Mr. Erdell’s permission, you can’t enter,” the guard insisted.

Smack! Sigurd slapped the guard and hissed, “How dare a mere disciple on guard like you stop me?

Believe it or not, I’ll kill you, and Mr. Erdell won’t be able to hold me accountable for it! Will he really kill me in retaliation for a mere disciple like you? Move aside this instance, or else I’m going to show you no mercy.”

The murderous intent emanating from Sigurd was palpable, and it made the guard shake in terror before he quietly moved aside to let Sigurd through.

However, just as Sigurd was about to enter the warehouse, Bilius emerged from the side and sneered. “Sigurd, you’re Mr. Holt’s senior disciple, yet you’re resorting to bullying a mere guard like him. Aren’t you ashamed of your actions?”

Sigurd couldn’t be bothered to entertain Bilius. Once he entered the warehouse and found out that there were fewer pills than usual, he would be able to confirm the fact that Bilius had stolen one.

Bilius’ expression turned icy when he saw Sigurd heading straight for the warehouse without paying him any heed. At the same time, he unleashed a wave of frightening aura, sending Sigurd flying.

Now that Bilius was in the Body Fusion Realm, Sigurd was no longer a match for him. He could not even defend himself against Bilius.

“Are you trying to oppose me, Bilius? I’m the seniormost disciple in the sect! How dare you attack me?” Sigurd bellowed and glared at Bilius, but he did not dare to counterattack.

Bilius had effortlessly launched him away with a mere surge of his aura. Given the substantial gap in their current strengths, Sigurd would be a fool to engage in a fight against Bilius.

“Sigurd, don’t put yourself so high up the pedestal. Why would you think that I’m trying to oppose you just because I made a move against you? Without my master’s permission, no one is allowed in this warehouse,” Bilius arrogantly uttered.

“Bilius, I have the sect leader token with me. When my master isn’t around, I am the acting lord of the sect. Even Mr. Erdell won’t dare to stop me if he’s here.”

As Sigurd spoke, he took out the sect leader token. Upon seeing the token, Bilius grimaced. While he looked down on Sigurd, he did not dare to disrespect the token. After all, the token represented the lord of Emerald Cauldron Sect, Hosen Holt.

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