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Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife Chapter 36 by HusnaS

36. Her Voice Will Be There

“You’re a corrupt official at StriveStyle Co. I’d rather face defeat than collaborate with someone like you.”

“Heidi, you- you’re making a mistake.”

“Aiden, I’m quite busy now. If you have nothing tangible to say, I’m hanging up.”

Heidi cut the call before his reply came. She picked up the report in front of her to go through it, then her phone rang.

Thinking it was Aiden again, Heidi decided to ignore it.

But her phone rang constantly, forcing her to look at the screen. Heidi stared at the strange number, frowning. She answered it, then came a deep husky voice.

“Where do you want us to meet, Sweetheart? I’ve got an idea. Let’s hook up tonight at Rosehills Hotel.”

“Huh?” Heidi’s frown deepened. Then she cut the call.

Her phone rang again with that strange number, but she didn’t answer it.

Thinking that person must have mistaken her phone number with someone else’s, Heidi carried on the whole day, ignoring his calls.

But the phone calls were serving as a huge distraction.

As she went back home after work hours, her phone beeped inside her bag nonstop that John had to comment.

“Young Miss, maybe it’s urgent. Your phone has been ringing for a while.”

Heidi snapped out of her thoughts, and she brought out her phone to see the same strange number.

On answering the call, that strange voice came once more. “If you don’t like Rosehills Hotel, we can meet somewhere less obscure. Angel, I’m in the mood tonight, and I’m gonna make you feel very good.”

Heidi cringed, feeling repulsed by the man’s blatant advances.

She almost belched, and her expression darkened. “Mister, you’ve got the wrong person. Please quit calling this number.”

And to make sure the weirdo wouldn’t disturb her anymore, Heidi put his number on her phone’s blacklist.

From the other end, Todd sobered up at Heidi’s cold command.

He stared at his phone in a trance, then dialed the number again.

She had blocked him.

“What the-” The man couldn’t believe his ears. He instantly dialed Tracy.

“Didn’t you tell me your friend is in desperate need? Why is she playing hard to get?”

Tracy’s fingers gripped the phone, her eyes dimming. She quickly composed herself and plastered on a smile.

“My friend’s very shy. Let me speak with her, please be patient.”

After hanging up, Tracy walked back and forth inside her room.

Damnit! Heidi.

It seemed that girl had high standards for men, Someone who would only hang out with people like Zach Olsen. She might be looking down on Todd.

“Stella, I need your help to get Heidi out of our way.”

She dialed Stella’s number and told her the whole story.

“That’s a great plan you came up with,” Stella applauded her. “Leave the rest to me. I know what to do.”

At The Olsens Mansion.

As Heidi ate her food silently, her mind wandering somewhere, Grandpa Jeffrey’s voice brought her back to the present.

“What are you thinking about, Heidi? Look, you’re so skinny. You should eat more nutritious food.”

He picked up several cooked shrimp from his plate and dropped them on top of Heidi’s food. Lilian gritted her teeth, seeing Grandpa Jeffrey giving all his attention to Heidi.

“While Heidi’s bullying us, Grandpa remains silent. Now you’re treating Heidi as if she’s some newfound jewel. Grandpa, have you forgotten how Heidi abandoned this family?”

“Silly Girl, of course Heidi is a newfound jewel while my other grandchildren are rotten. Didn’t you all embezzle funds from that small brand?”


“Be quiet!”

While Grandpa Jeffery scolded Lilian, Heidi’s phone rang.

Bombarded by the several phone calls from earlier, she dreaded to pick up this one.

But the familiar name that flashed on the screen piqued her curiosity. Quietly, she left the dining area to answer the call in a corner.

“Heidi, you and Lucas are getting a divorce. Why are you keeping quiet about it and not taking the initiative to

finalize it.”

Stella’s lighthearted voice came from the other end.

Heidi rolled her eyes, saying, “It’s none of your concern.”

Stella clenched her jaws. “I know I’m not your mother-in-law and you don’t respect me. A word of advice, you’d better take the compensation; stop pretending as if you don’t want it when you really do. That won’t make Lucas like you.”

“What exactly is your purpose for calling me?”

“I don’t want us to fight. Can we meet at Rosehills Hotel? There’s an offer I have for you which you can’t resist.”

Her voice became so soft, and Heidi could imagine her smile.

Rosehills Hotel.

She instantly put two and two together, and her lips curled up.

Laughing softly, Heidi replied, “We’re not that close. Even while I was with Lucas, you never liked him. I have a feeling you’re up to no good, Stella. Rosehills Hotel… I’m not coming.”

Heidi hung up, finally deciding to switch off her phone.

From the other end, a sinister smile crept up Stella’s face.

She saved the recording and messaged Tracy.

[We don’t need Heidi to be present at Rosehills Hotel. In fact, her voice will be there. Just do one thing. Get me his voice.]

The Novel will be updated daily. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!
Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS

Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
Shouldn't Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS   For three years, Heidi served Lucas with all her heart, showering him with endless love and doing her best to be the perfect housewife. But on their third wedding anniversary, he slammed the divorce papers on her face. "Did you think I would never know that you married me because of money? Whatever Grandpa paid you, I will triple it. Just sign the divorce." To him, she was just a gold digger. Heidi's reality shattered, and everything made sense when she found out that his Ex had returned. For him, she endured hardships and humiliation. She not only gave him her heart, but also dropped her identity as the wealthiest heiress in Phoenix City. Realizing that all her efforts were futile… She will never be the hopelessly desperate housewife anymore. Lucas is soon to know that he "Shouldn't Mess Up with His Hidden Heiress Ex-wife." As layers upon layers of secrets get revealed, he'll be crawling on his knees, holding her leg and begging her to come back. No way! She has an empire to inherit. A Gold Digger Sitting across from the delicacies spread on the vast table, Heidi supported her cheeks with both hands. She let out a sigh, wondering why her husband was taking so long outside. Lucas appeared to have forgotten their anniversary, despite Heidi dropping hints for the past few days. He never brought up the topic and was always conveniently busy whenever she tried to discuss it. Hoping to surprise him, she eagerly awaited the sound of his footsteps from the doorway. Bang! A deafening sound startled her, and through her blurry vision, a stack of documents appeared in front of her. “Sign it, Heidi. We’re getting a divorce,” Lucas’s cold voice reached her ears. Frowning, Heidi’s eyes returned to the documents, and she read the words written boldly at the top. ‘A divorce agreement?’ She shook her head and chuckled, convinced it was a silly dream. Lucas would never divorce her.


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